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It is for your home or business computer use. You need good antivirus software for your computer. Webroot.com/safe, one of the best antivirus for your computer that can protect your personal computer from any digital malware is Webroot antivirus. The Webroot business management account is


WEBROOT is an antivirus that is considered as one of the best antiviruses for a computer that can keep your personal computer secure and protected from any digital malware.

Webroot.com/safe antivirus security software can be purchased anywhere from an online or offline store. One can also purchase it from any genuine e-commerce site or preferably from its official website. After its purchase, it needs to be installed so that your personal computer can be secure and safe.


The webroot antivirus security software’s activation process is quite simple.

  • The first step is to download this webroot antivirus from the official website.
  • Once the downloading process is completed, the next step is the installation of this antivirus.

Note: In both Mac OS as well as Windows, the activation process and the installation process is the same.

  • After the installation, you will find, located at the right corner of the windows, a small icon of webroot antivirus security. Now, make a click on this.
  • Once this gets opened, click on the gear icon present next to MY ACCOUNT.

It’s good if you have a webroot Account already, otherwise, you can create a new one. 

  • You will now find the ACTIVATE THE NEW KEY CODE section that would be empty after you login into webroot.
  • Here, you need to type in your new key code in the space given and then click on ACTIVE.

This will now activate your webroot antivirus security.


For download, one needs to perform only these following simple steps:

  • Search for the webroot antivirus in your web browser.
  • The official webroot antivirus page will be the first thing that you will find. You are required to open this page and choose the webroot antivirus to download.
  • Once this option is selected, you will be required to click on the download trial version. Downloading the trial version won’t cost you anything. If you want, you can either purchase directly from the official website or, if the user already has the code, then you just need to activate it.